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“The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear it’s sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” John 3:8

We have no control over the weather. It’s a fact most of us know too well.

Kevin checked the lake levels last summer on a daily basis. The waters rose constantly. We were in flood conditions.  Where was Noah when you needed him. Last summer was a complete wash as the water rose and flooded out the roads leading to our house. It was now the midde of May of this year. We were looking forward to lake season. Then Kevin got the call. “Mr. Jones, your dock is floating down the cove.” What do you say to a greeting like that? I got nothing. We turned on the TV. Lake Tenkiller was hit by a tornado that ripped right through our cove. Kevin drove out. He found our dock. It had buoyed itself by its stiff arms in the shallow part of the cove. It was stuck precariously in the mud not far from drifting into other storm torn docks. We spent the money and had it moved. We were grateful we had not been at the lake during this storm.

In late June I sat watching and laughing as my two oldest grandsons swam and played in the pool. We had five boys and three moms just out enjoying lazy summer days. That’s when we heard the dreaded tornado siren. “What in the world?” There were no storm clouds brewing on the horizon. The stillness of the day belied the fierce wind that would soon bellow in. Then it happened. The sky turned black as night. My daughter and her friends rushed each boy out of the pool and ushered them into the house with urgency. You needn’t hurry my oldest grandson. The ever vigilant Asher flew through the back door eyes wide. “LaLa?” None of us were prepared as this storm raged down on us. The moms tried to keep the boys calm. Most of the boys were having an absolute field day. They were having an adventure hanging out in a storm with their best friends.

Kevin stood looking out the garage prepared to issue the warning to head to the storm shelter. The wind was blowing where it pleased. Kevin watched as it dug trees up by the roots. The wind tossed fiercely that day. It went unheeded. It broke branches. They fell on my daughter’s car. It blew out as ferociously has it had come and it did not let up. It went south east toward the lake. We got the text showing that even our age old tree with the six foot diameter tree trunk couldn’t withstand the winds verosity. It was a lovely old tree that gave our deck such character. Alas, it is no more. In the storms wake it left behind destructed cars and torn up decks. On a happy note, our dock stayed secured.

Thus my saga of Oklahoma weather, but be assured of this, we are some of the lucky ones. As many well know, those storms that come sweeping down theses Oklahoma plains are treacherous and deadly. Then comes the morning. It breaks open with crisp clarity. The storms and the winds have blown away dust and debris leaving the sky brilliant blue.

The wind does blow where it pleases. I have heard its sound. It is the sound of freight cars traveling toward you at a runaway pace. I have had no idea where the wind blows or what it might hit.

Jesus tells me so it is with everyone born of the Spirit. I have been born of the Spirit. Once the Spirit of God blew into my life, the landscape of my life changed. The dead branches fell. New life was given to me. It wasn’t easy letting God’s Spirit change me. There were times I was just like that old tree on my deck. I stood rigid refusing to yield to the wind, but God’s Spirit broke my selfishness. I once had holes in my life. They have been boarded up with God’s beauty and grace. The dust and debris of my life have been blown away with the Spirit’s wind.

Come Lord Jesus, Come!


  1. Remember standing in our backyard in Artesia and seeing the oncoming dust storm, and after they would pass a calm would quite the entire area. Just like in life after most storms if you can wait them out and have a place of protection all will be well. Let God be your safe place.

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