God of new beginnings



IMG_1192 click on link to see my youngest grandson perform the “sloooooooooow roll”

Each of my three grandsons are experiencing new beginnings. My oldest grandson, Asher, just started Bixby Intermediate North. He has started an accelerated math program. He will be introduced to new math principles. Asher’s mind will need to be sharp and open to all these new concepts. His brain will have to be awakened to these new ideas. My middle grandson, Lucas just started kindergarten at Bixby North. He will be introduced to reading, writing and the motor lab. His young brain will be awakened to the concept of sounding out and writing new words. New motor skills will be introduced to awaken his muscle groups. My youngest grandson, Zeke just started rolling over. My daughter-in-law has an app that describes your child’s leap weeks. These are weeks where the infant will start experiencing excitement and anxiety because certain new motor skills are being awakened in their bodies, i.e., rolling over, grasping for toys, smiling, imitating, and playing patty cake. His newly formed brain is waking up to a whole new world and learning what his little body will do. These leap weeks are symbolized by lightning bolts.

I had some lightning bolts going on in my muscle groups this week. I started a new work out class, Sky Pio. It’s a fusion between Yoga + Pilates meet Jane Fonda. I was thinking about wearing my headband and scunchies for the next class. I left the class barely able to tie my shoes. Somehow I made it home. While I was sitting in my favorite comfy chair trying to recuperate, I felt my body spasm from my abs, down my backside (known at my gym as your muffin top, cute way to explain that area) through my gluts and hamstrings. My instructor explained to me that was my muscle groups getting woke up because I was doing new excercises. I should have left them asleep.

Kevin gave me this verse this morning. “The voice of the LORD strikes with bolts of lightening.” Psalm 29:7 NLT. I love tieing this verse into the lightning bolts that symbolize Zeke’s awakening to his new world.

“So don’t be surprised when I say, ‘You must be born again.'” Jesus explained to Nicodemus in John 3:7 NLT.

It is the voice of the Lord striking with lightening bolts to wake our hearts, souls, minds, and strength to the truths of salvation. The words “born again” mean born from above. Just like Asher, Lucas, and Zeke, when we accept Jesus as our Savior, it is the Spirit of God crashing lightning into our spirit to wake us up to the Presence of God. He is the God of new beginnings. Only God can wake us up, give us new life, and teach us heavenly things. Just like my new workout was painful and caused spasms, Zeke may get agitated and excited learning new skills, Lucas may get frustrated learning new words, and Asher may get impatient trying to conquer new math homework, sometimes it is painful dying to your old way of life and being woke up to the greatness of God’s plan. The new walk is like Zeke’s sloooooooooow roll. The desired outcome of all these new paths is well worth the pain though. No pain; no gain. Right? God wants to wake you up with lightning bolts. He wants to lead each of us into a new way of living. His paths are right and His way is perfect.

God says, “Wake up!”


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  1. Best looking three boys I’ve ever seen! Your story was hilarious and meaningful at the same time.

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