Day 33 – You take that back

Words. Our words. Communitcation begins with a word. My grandson is just beginning to learn how to say one word at a time. He’s 7 months old. He can’t conjugate sentences, but he can repeat syllables over and over again. “Dadadadadadadada.” Oops, can you say “mamamamamama?” That’s how we learn to communicate. One syllable at a time, then one word at a time, and then one simple sentence at a time.

Lucas is in kindergarten. He is learning how to read simple sentences. Noun verb noun. Asher is in fourth great. He is a consummate communicator. He likes to present talking points for us as we gather for family dinners.

Words formed by tongues. Thoughts beginning in our minds, then expressed with words. We speak English. My friends in Ethiopia speak Amaric. It doesn’t matter. A word is a word is a word no matter what language is spoken. Words are the building blocks to convey our thoughts and ideas to those around us.

And their is power in them! As I wrote in the book, “Through Their Eyes” God created this world by speaking the words, “Let there be…” and then there was. We are created in His image and He gave the same creative power in each of our words.

Our words are building blocks. My grandson likes to build with Lego building pieces. He can create tall towers, Star Wars Death Star, or tanks, or skyscrapers. Their is no limit to what he can create if he has enough Lego pieces and imagination. He is learning to strengthen the weak places of his architectural ideas. He adds extra foundation when things seem to be collapsing around him. Lego pieces and words, they seem to have the same building principles.

What are your thoughts as you read how Simeon delivered his prophecy over Jesus and his parents?

Can you see how he weighed each word?

His words weren’t his to give away. His words came from God. The Holy Spirit put them in Simeon’s mouth. What is the principle we need to learn from this?

What words can you say to someone today that will edify and build that person up?