Where the Wild Things are


Day 3 – Where the Wild Things Are

Come listen as Kevin reads from my new book “On the Way – 40 days traveling with Jesus one the way to the cross.”


Do you feel like you are in a dry season or a desert place? John the Baptist heard the call of God while living in the wilderness.

Elevation worship sings a song, “There is a Cloud.”

“The dry season is over. There is a cloud beginning to swell.”

Come join me in my new book adventure, “On the Way.” Isreal’s Long awaited Messiah was walking among them. The rain of God’s blessing was pouring over them. Jesus was traveling throughout the land. The dryness of their religion was filling up with the love of God.

God wants to do the same in your life. Open your hearts, step through the pages and follow Jesus as He pours out the loving, healing powers of God. The book will be released the end of February. The list price is $15.95 but I am offering a pre-sale price of $14.

Happy reading.



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  1. What an amazing confirmation from God!! I heard a pastor give this same message this weekend!! Thank you for bringing peace into my spirit by reconfirming the Word God gave me this weekend!! I can’t wait to recieve my book!!

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