The outcasts

image“I will give you back your health and heal your wounds,” says the Lord.  “For you are called an outcast – “Jerusalem for no one cares.”  Jeremiah 30:17

I met them on my way as journeyed through Addis Ababa Ethiopia.  In fact pretty much everyone on our team met one of the outcasts in one form or another.  You could tell those who had no hope.  You could see it in the dullness of their eyes.  You saw it as their tears threatened to rain down.  They had been cast out of society.  Even family members were afraid to come around.  Their fear of HIV kept them from embracing their loved ones.

I enterered her darkened home with mud floors.  Tarps and other sundries from the wastes of Ethiopian streets were her walls and roof.  She was an HIV carrier and had passed the disease on her little girl no older than two.  She was lying on the bed.  I could see the sickness was progressing in her tiny body.  We told her about Jesus.  The gospel that Jesus saves.  That He rose from the dead and is alive forevermore.  We presented her with a humble gift so that she might buy more food for the next few days.  She replied back that she couldn’t at this time accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior because her landlord was orthodox and she must abide by their religion or she and her daughter would be living on the streets.  She had no husband.  He abandoned her and their daughter in their darkest hour when they needed him most.  Her tears could not be held back any longer.  Neither could mine or my friend Jess’.   We  reached out and held her in our arms.  I couldn’t pray.  The Holy Spirit would have to intercede for me with groans and urgings.  Our interpretor, Kaleb, and our guide, Belechew, took over.  They laid hands on the little one and they called down heaven to touch earth.  The Glory of the Lord filled the hut.  The weight of His Presence could be felt.  I listened in awe as they cried out “YESHUS CHRISTOS” over and over again.  Each of us left with heavy hearts.

Since the days of my departure from Ethiopia, her hopeless face  haunts me.  The message of Propel Women Conference cries out to me.  “You can’t do everything, but you can do something.”  I know there is a drug treatment for HIV carriers, but it is very strong, and without proper nutrition it would be too much for this little one.  That is how it was described to me. Jesus this one is on you.  You are Hope where there is no hope.  You are Healer when no medicine can heal.

God had our lives intersect last week.  Her story is embedded in my heart.  Her story is embedded in God’s heart.  He hears her cries.  He sees her tears.  He tells me pray.  Cry out to the only One who has the solution for her life.  She may think no one cares.  But God says, “I care.  I have not forgotten you.  I have made Kellye, Jessalyn, Kaleb, Belechew, Gawshaw and Tamirat care.  I have written your story on their hearts.”

She is not an outcast in God’s heart.  Her daughter is on His mind and in His thoughts.  Her story will be told.  My friends will go back, lay hands on her daughter, and continue to pray for healing.  God has said He will heal our wounds and give us back our health.  What He says that will He do.  I can do something.  I can pray.  HE CAN HEAL.

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  1. “Blessed are those who consider the poor; The Lord will deliver them in the day of trouble. The Lord will preserve them and keep them alive, and they will be blessed on this earth,and You will not deliver them to the will of their enemies. The Lord will sustain them on their sickbed; You will restore all his lying down in his illness” Ps 41: 1-3

    My prayer

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