God’s Spirit was moving over the water

The baker takes out her ingredients. Eggs, check. Flour, check. Sugar, milk, baking soda, cocoa powder. Everything needed to make a homemade chocolate cake. Yum.

But what if the baker had none of these ingredients in her cupboard? What if she had to create these ingredients out of nothing?

Chew on that situation a while. Now let’s turn our thoughts to the great Baker in the sky.

God hovered over nothingness. An empty, formless entity lay before our Creator. God had nothing to create with. NOTHING!

And yet we look up and see tangible living evidence of His creative ability. God created by forming something out of nothing. The Latin words for this, “ex nihilo.”

At the beginning of this globe called earth, it had no shape or form. It’s surface had the appearance of melting away. Water, which has no shape, covered it. There was no vegetation taking root. As far as the eye could see oblivion and it formless matter stretched out beyond infinity. It was a soupy concoction of inky blackness. The darkness of it all was catatonic and desolate.

The Spirit of the Living God hovered over the primeval ocean that covered the unformed earth, and He moved. His movement stirred the face of the shapeless waters. A wave rose and fell with the Spirit’s breath.

Can you hear the music crescendoing as this moment is beginning to come to a climax? Or, in other words can you smell the mouth watering aroma of a hot fudge cake coming from the Baker’s oven?

Something out of nothing is our God’s creativity.

So it is in us. We come to God a soupy mess. Emptiness is our only gift. The watery abyss of our soul’s needs something. We need God to help us take form. We need God to add the right spices to our lives, for only God knows just the right mix to bring our soup to a boiling, edible concoction. He is our Master Chef and Baker. Only by His Spirit moving over our nothingness, we will be able to create a masterpiece that this world can feast upon.

“God has planted eternity in the human heart.”

We were created to desire to see our future, but we need to listen eternity that is planted in each of us.

“For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.” Phillipians 2:13 ESV

Listen and be still. Can you hear His Spirit hovering over you? He is waiting to inspire something from your nothing.