DAYS 38-40 – EL OLAM

Okay already. I’m finally going to do it. I am putting this book to rest. Christmas is over. We are halfway through January and I am going to move past it. So long “Through Their Eyes” see ya next year.

In the last days of this book we travel with the wise men from the east as they follow the star which leads them to the King they had been searching for. On day 38 we saw that these seekers had the right stuff. They were adventurous and they were persistent in their search. They began their journey as stargazers but they ended worshippers of the Bright and Morning Star. They brought just the right gifts for this toddler. They didn’t know it but their gifts would allow his family to escape the genocide of King Herod. They might not have know the uniqueness of the gifts but the God who had led them to this point knew how these would provide for His Son.

This led us to Day 39 – El Olam the God who sees beyond our vanishing point. God knew exactly what Herod would do once he found out their was another King waiting in the wings. He provided a means for Joseph and Mary to get His Son to safety. He had it all mapped out. So we come to day 40. All the days ordained for Jesus were written in God’s book before any of them came to be.

God even had the prophets Isaiah, Micah, Hosea, ano others write about them. They wrote hundreds of years before that God would call His Son out of Egypt. There were many roads Joseph and Mary had to take when God called them to be the earthly parents of Jesus, but only God had the road map. Only God knew the destination of each journey. Neither Mary or Joseph demanded to see the map. When God called and commanded, “Go…” they packed up and went. They find themselves back at the place this whole journey began. They had come full circle and land in Nazareth.

God has a map for each of our lives. God sees beyond our horizon. He knows what is next. We will experience roadblocks and detours, but God’s got this. God will be faithful and just to point us in the right direction.

Joseph, Mary and Jesus begin this next stage of life in the village of Nazareth. Their last road led them to this point. And that is where we will begin our next stage of this journey also. I am completing the second book, “On The Way”. It is another 40 day adventure. Jesus begins His travels into public ministry. On the way He reveals to those He comes in contact with how great is the love of God toward them. He is on the way to a final destination. A lonely hill of death and torture is bidding Him come, but in the midst of that hill there is an empty tomb carved into it. One day that tomb will shine with glory for it is the place for His victory over death, hell and the grave.

Join me “On The Way”. Watch and read as Jesus interacts with those who cross His path and intersect His life. Family and friends lived out His adventure from their side of His Story. They had no clue when they began their journey with Him that they would see the sick healed, the blind receive sight, the lame would walk again, the deaf would hear, and the dead would rise. These people had no road map, but yet they followed because of who Jesus was. And because they followed, they were able to live a life worth living and they then told a story worth telling.

I’m not finished with the book yet. So I can’t even tell you where it will end, but if I listen to the StoryTeller, and write what He has in mind, I’m pretty sure it will be a cliffhanger.

My publisher, Beth Wilson of Hear My Heart Publishing, and I have agreed to release “On the Way” next December. I will take my time. Go through all the proper edits and it will be released to you, the readers, in time to celebrate Jesus’ birth in 2017 with the new release of the book “Through Their Eyes”. I will release an updated version of this book, and when you complete it, you will have in your hands a new road map of another grand adventure to begin January 2018.

Spoiler alert! Your starting point for this amazing race is in the Temple Courts as Jesus amazes the renown teachers of His time and He is only 12 years of age.

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  1. Great job! Thanks for letting me go on this journey with you, it was an inciteful, humorous, and knowledgeable experience. I’ve already got a peak at “On The Way” and no one will be disappointed, it is awesome!

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