Day 6 – Hold onto the Promise


Humor me a moment. You have unearthed buried treasure in Your own back yard. You dust off the dirt that has collected on the chest. Your jubilant because of the brilliant color of each of the gems that shine before you as you open the box. The deepest blue sapphires, the radiant diamonds, the irridescent pearls, and all other gems just glow before you. The priceless gems are yours now. What do you do with them? What would you do if you knew that others might come to steal them?

Today is day 6 – Hold onto the promise from the book “Through Their Eyes”

Zechariah is now silent. He had been given a promise of God. The Angel Gabriel had just rendered him mute so he could no longer question these promises. Zechariah is a firm believer in the promise and power of God because of this action. He walks out from behind the curtain of the Holy Place with these promises firmly secured in his heart.

Nothing in life could steal or seperate Zechariah from the promise of God. He is so secure in the outcome he goes about is daily chores. He doesn’t take matters into his own hands. He just lets the promise come to him and his wife.

God is the God of Promise. His Word is full of promises. The Bible is God’s treasure of priceless jewels.

How do you hold onto and cling to His Promises for your own life?

In a day where so much discontent, discord, and discouragement is being passed around. When challenges like burning the American flag spread like wild fire on social media, lets start a new challenge. Let’s start a challenge that focuses on the Promise of God.

Respond below in the reply box.

What is your favorite verse that God has promised you?

What are you doing to hold onto that promise?

I’ll start.

2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Hold onto the Promise

  1. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

  2. Those who live in the shelter of the Most High, will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. This I declare about my God that He alone is my refuge my place of safety He is my God in Him will I trust. Ps 91

    Let us run boldly to the throne of our most gracious God there we will receive His mercy and find His grace to help us when we need it most. Hebrews 4:16

    These are our “family creeds” these are the verses we stand on daily.

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