The wise scribe approached his writing table. The ancient text was placed before him. It was a tedious task but an important one. Carefully and painstakingly, he copied word for word the manuscript that called to him day after day. It was the inspired Word of God and it was his job to preserve it so that generations after him would know His Story. This was his calling. It was what he had been trained in.

He was approaching his golden years or that is what they keep informing him. At times his hand shook with tremors because of all the years of taking the quill into his hand, but he pressed on toward that higher calling. Future generations might never know his name but they will read the words that he took such great care to transcribe. It was a humble job but to him it was a privilege to copy the stories of the mighty heros of his faith. Moses, Joshua, Samuel, King David, Isaiah, and many more were his role model’s as day after day he wrote out their stories. The linen paper bearing the water marks of its creation crinkled as he wrote. His calligraphy arched beautifully like onyx filigree across the pale linen paper. The scribe then took another quill to dip in the red ink so that he might write out the words spoken by Christ. There was a hush that filled the atmosphere as the old scribe breathed in to steady his hand while he wrote out these sacred words.

The wise old scribe had come to realize during all his years of writing and transcribing the Word of God, that this book and the words it contained rose like the shining star that guided wise men once upon a time. That star led them to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. This book and the truths written would also lead kings and emperors and nations and kingdoms to the true Ruler of Heaven and earth, The Lord Jesus Christ.

Have you ever felt like you were drifting through life?

Where do you go when you have questions about life events?

How can the Bible become your star and guide you to make decisions for your life?