Day 31 – Prompted

Oh to live like Simeon. To be so sensitive to the Spirit’s leading. Don’t you wonder what it was like to feel the Spirit tug at him and lead him to the temple that day.

There were several things Simeon did that set him in the sphere to hear from God.

Read Luke 2:25-28 in the AMP version. Describe Simeon’s spiritual disciplines.


What was the promise God gave Simeon once upon a time in his life?


Simeons life was the very definition of a Spirit Filled life.

It wasn’t anything Simeon did. It was everything God did in Simeon’s life. Simeon was just the vessel the Lord used this day in the temple. He made himself available to God and God used him to bless Mary and Joseph. This new mother and father, the earthly parent of God’s only Son, needed the affirmation and confirmation that flowed from Simeon’s declaration.

Our world, the people in our sphere of influence also need the words of God spoken to them. We need to be under the influence of the Holy Spirit to minister to those God puts in our lives.

What Spiritual disciplines do you follow that allow you to be prompted by the Holy Spirit of God?