Day 26 – A Village called Regret

Happy day after Christmas everyone. I know its been awhile. Christmas preparation gets so busy. I had to be intentional to keep my eyes focused on the Baby born in Bethlehem. He is my Savior. I had to keep asking myself, “Would I have been one of the shepherds who put away all they were doing so they could go and see all that the angels had proclaimed to them?” Or… “Would I have been one of the many in Bethlehem who woke up the day after Christ’s birth and realized they had missed it?”

The story I tell on page 134 in the book “Through Their Eyes” is a story of regret. Can you not imagine the remorse the villagers felt as the shepherds came and told them of the marvelous event that took place right under their noses. My sister-in-law has a name for this, “FOMO” fear of missing out. I’m getting a little anxious thinking about that night. I have “FOMO” What if I was one of the ones who missed it?

We all have regrets. Life is full of them. Haven’t you ever said, “I wish I would have…” Regrets, remorse, they can become chains that keep us imprisoned in a dark cell. Or… We can take them to Bethlehem like the shepherds did and we can let grace and mercy meet us there, for that is what the manger is all about. It is about the King of Glory coming into the darkest part of our lives. It is about the Son of God coming as a baby and allowing Himself to be laid in a stinking mess of hay which is the state of our hearts without Jesus. If we allowed ourselves we could roll around in the smelly hay of regret, but why? Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing the Lord has done for us.

As I said in the book, Bethlehem means House of Bread. Jesus came as the Bread of Life to give Life and abundance to all who come to Him.

Let us do this thing. Follow the shepherds. Let us go and bow down before Him.

Tomorrow we begin our After Christmas Special. I hope you join me for the rest of the journey. Just because Christmas has come and gone don’t think our ADVENTure is over. Jesus had many more divine encounters ahead of Him that first Christmas Season.

Join me tomorrow. “Hi Ho Hi Ho its back to work we go.”

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