Day 16 – Overshadowed

Only the power of the Most High God had the ability to take His only begotten Son and change Jesus into an embryo then implant Him inside of Mary’s womb. Jesus Son of God left the Throne Room of Heaven to swim in amniotic fluid for nine months. This event was a moment like no other in history. A woman who had not yet known the intimacy of a man, now had a baby being knit together inside of her. This moment held a power greater than a nuclear explosion and only God could accomplish it. Only God Creator could ever dream up this occurance. Only God has the creativity to accomplish this. Close your eyes with me and bask in this moment and don’t let it slip away from you without pondering the full weight of God’s Glory that came upon Mary in that instant. The moment the Son of God Most High began growing arms and feet just as we began our days on earth. Listen to the beginning heart beat of this tiny human growing inside another human being. Now that’s an event.

I have had that powerful moment on the timeline of my life. I have felt the weight of God’s Glory bearing down on my soul and convicting me of my sin, but then in the next moment I have felt that weightless feeling of the guilt being stripped from my life.

The Lord Most High, God of the universe and Your Creator wants to implant His Son into your life also.

Will you allow Him to do so?

Turn to page 79 in the book “Through Their Eyes” and pray that prayer with me. Then make your decision known.