Day 12 – From Insignificant to Significant, From Ordinary to Extra-Ordinary


An ordinary moment becomes extraordinary. Just another Christmas nativity enactment becomes a cherished memory because my grandson plays the part of Joseph. An insignificant farming village on the plains of Galilee becomes the hometown of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. A young teenage peasant girl becomes the mother of our Savior. How does that happen? When is the moment that insignificant becomes significant and ordinary becomes extraordinary?

I began my daily routine as usual. That is why it is called routine. It is something you do day in and day out with little variance. But this day I let my thoughts drift to the ordinary day Mary was having when Gabriel came calling. Was she sitting like I was this morning? Was she preparing her bridal gown? Was she sipping tea as I sat sipping my first cup of coffee for the day? What was the moment like when that thin veil that separates heaven from earth became transparent?

When God enters ordinary Exra-ordinary happens. When God visits an insignificant village, all of the sudden this village goes down in history as the hometown of our Savior. That’s the Fingerprint of God in our lives.

Does your day seem ordinary?

How can you allow God to make it extraordinary?

What changes in your day do you need to make to allow for the touch of God?

Do you ever feel insignificant? How does God see you?

One thought on “Day 12 – From Insignificant to Significant, From Ordinary to Extra-Ordinary

  1. All you need to take your life from ordinary to exrtaordinary is to allow for Gods presence, to make time for Him each and everyday. Seems simple enough.

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