Boys, Basketballs, and Bending


I kicked the basketball as I went through the darkened living room. The sun was just beginning break through the horizon. “Now where do that ball come from?” I know it wasn’t there before we went to bed. It was like an invisible hand had rolled the ball into the room to remind me of the pleasant walks I had with Lucas over the weekend.

”La, count how many dribbles I take.” “La, see I will show you. I won’t loose my dribble not even once around the block.” “Look La, even going down hill I’m controlling my dribble.” “Did you see me dribble behind my back?”

Lucas is a soft talker. A couple of times I had to stop and bend down to get to Lucas’ level and tell him to repeat what he just said. “Say it again Lucas but this time stop dribbling.” “Was Delilah on Samson’s team or not?” We had just gone to see the new movie, “Samson.” That started a whole new discussion thread on why people don’t always put God first.

Good talks. Good walks. Good memories.

The night before I watched Kevin bend down to hear what Lucas wanted for dinner. Again, Lucas is a soft talker. Combine that with a Pop Pop who is hard of hearing, then add in loud ambient noise of a restaurant, Kevin bent down and put his ear right next to Lucas’ mouth.

Bending down to listen. It’s the very picture of what God does the moment we begin to speak. It’s not that God is hard of hearing. He’s not. It’s just that that’s how important we are to Him. He shows us how valuable we are. We are worth His time that He stops walking and He bends His ear to listen, to get down on our level and value us.

He loves to walk around the block of life with us. He enjoys watching as we dribble behind our back. He takes pleasure counting each and every step we take. When He bends down to listen He shows He is present in our here and now.

Boys, basketballs, and bending. Being a grandma teaches me everyday just how much God loves me. Times spent with my four grandsons paint a picture of how God enjoys being a part of each and every day of my life.