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It became a two year project, but it is now complete. I put unrealistic goals upon myself. I had the lofty idea of writing, editing, and proofing my second book, “On the Way – 40 days Traveling With Jesus On The Way To The Cross,” in one year. I had hoped to release this book last January. It picked up right where “Through Their Eyes” left off. God had a different timeline though. My goals were self imposed; God’s goals were divinely inspired. He wanted me to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the journey, and compete in His Amazing Race.

That is exactly what this project became for me, an Amazing Race. Day by day as I wrote, God would guide me down a path designed just for me. In my research He would pull back the veil ever so slightly and I would step into the sea of people who followed Jesus through the land of Palestine in 30 A.D.

I felt Mary’s horror as she realized she had left her first born at the Temple in Jerusalem after they had already traveled a good three days.

I wondered what Mary felt the day Jesus walked out of the family home and travel down the road His Father had constructed for Him. Did she hear Simeon’s warnings once again?

I stood in the flowing waters of the Jordan River and felt my pulse surge as Jesus broke the plane of the water and the Voice of Our Father who art in Heaven boom out, “This is My Son with Him I am well pleased.”

Writing this book became a window into my own soul. Where I needed healing, God healed it. Where I needed wisdom, God gave it. I became the people Jesus met On the Way to the cross. I discovered their stories were my story. I became part of the narrative.

This book is the second book in a five part series entitled, “Following Jesus Through His Story.” Each book is a 40 day reflection of what it must have been like following Jesus as He walked this earth. 40, a number that represents judgement, trials, and testing. For me each 40 day book is a book of proofing, challenging, and building up my faith foundation. There is nothing new under the sun for God. Everything we face as already been part of someone else’s story, and those stories have been recorded for us in God’s Word.

Spoiler alert! At the close of everyday, you will meet a friend of mine. Some are familiar and some will be new.

Avrahm and Leah came to the Temple to worship, but the money changers and corrupt officials had stolen all that was sacred about Passover. Then in walks a new Rabbi with righteous anger and throws out all who defiled His Father’s House.

Ava had lost all hope after burying her beloved Yacob. Leprosy had claimed yet another life. Her village and her synagogue had turned their backs on her and her young son for fear of the dreaded disease. She walks to river to pray and hears Yeshua teaching. His Words bring hope so she walks into the water. Simon reaches for her hand then he dips her into the waters of the Jordan. She comes up renewed; hope surging through her heart again. She will not only survive widowhood but she will thrive because she now follows the Lifegiver.

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Enjoy the trip. Luke 9:3