Our Spiritual Ancestors


They are our spiritual ancestors. They have their flaws, but don’t we all.

Ann Spangler’s new book “Less Than Perfect,” reads like a novel but the truth of her stories come from the wisest book, our Bible. If you think about it the Bible is a story book. I is a book filled with true stories that reveal an awesome God.

”Meet your spiritual ancestors as they really were,” she writes.

”What can the Bible’s most flawed men and women reveal about who God is and how He reaches out to less-than-perfect-people.” Ann Spangler

“The prophet lifts a flask of oil and then pours it over his head. As the rich, aromatic oil soaks into his scalp and flows down his beard, his face tilts skyward, toward the rising sun.” Ann Spangler as she writes about the anointing of Saul p. 173.

Can you not see it? Can you not smell it?

You cannot improve on the Word of God, but it seems as if God’s spirit descended on Ann as she wrote. He lifted a veil and allowed her to walk right into these scenes in His Word.

I for one am glad He did. The small intimate details that she brings out in her book help me to visualize what is truly going on every moment.

As I read the chapter “The Story of Saul,” Ann drove home all the ways King Saul made excuses and rationalized his behavior to the prophet Samuel.

Note to self: make a mental checklist of all the times I make excuses and rationalize my actions to God.

The release date of “Less Than Perfect” is August 7th. Trust me this is one book you need to read.