God will uplift


God sees what we cannot see.  God knows what we cannot know.  God gives hope where we know no hope.  Her name is Heremaiah.  It is a variant of the name Jeremiah.  The name means, “God will uplift.”  I was told there was no way to lift this little girl out of her circumstances.  This morning I looked up the meaning of her name and God just told me, “He will uplift her.”

How beautiful is this little one I ask you?  I pulled her into my lap the moment I met her.  Jesus whispered in my ear, “Let the little children come unto me.”  But the first question out of this lady’s mouth rocked my world.  “When I die you will take her to America?”  “Oh God what are you doing to my heart?”  My tag team sister and I were left speechless.  Our mouths probably dropped open.  I had no answer for her.  Jessalynn and I sat and listened as our translator told us Heremaiah’s story.

Her mother died.  No one knows where her father is.  The beautiful woman sitting beside us isn’t even related to her.  She just took her in.  She couldn’t even support this precious child without the montly support she receives from IAMNOT4GOTTEN MINISTRIES.  I watch the woman’s face as their story unfolds before us through our translator.  I can see the cloudy film over both her eyes.  I know her eyesight grows dim.  How I would love to send a group of opthamologist into this land to do cataract surgeries, that however is another dream only God can accomplish.  The woman rubs her stomach.  I am told she is very sick and has a stomach ailment.  She fears for this child’s life if something were to happen to her.  So she asks us the question that pierces my heart.  “When I die you will take her to America?”

These are questions that nag at you all day long.  You can’t walk away and pretend you didn’t hear her plea.  The question repeats itself over and over in your ear all day long like a broken record,  Now that I know her story I can’t play along as if I am oblivious to it.  I was told all day long yesterday, “The moment Jesus Christ saved me, He annointed me to be a world changer.”  That’s the message of Propel Women.  Through the power of Jesus Christ I have been annointed to change my sphere of influence.  I was not made privy to this little girl’s story just for it to tug on my heart.  I have a responsibility to enter into her story with the power of Jesus Christ.  The Ethiopian government has a set of laws that must be followed.  Heremaiah must be registered as an orphan with the Ministry of Women’s and Children’s Affairs.  She will be put in an orphanage and paperwork filled out that takes months to complete.  They will search for any relative still living.  She will need to be registered with an adoption agency.  The list drones on and on as I sit and listen to the legal advice.  I want to put my hands over my ears and shout, “Stop telling me how hard this is.”  I don’t want to see Heremaiah put in an orphanage.  Though I can see Heremaiah’s countenance is very sad, I can tell this beautiful woman is taking very good care of her.  I keep repeating to myself, “With God all things are possible.  When we see no way, He makes a way.”  I know the Great I AM will not forget Heremaiah. I know the Great I AM was the One who had our paths intersect that Monday morning.  I know the Great I AM was the One who asked me, “When she dies will you take Heremaiah to America?”

Her name means, “God will uplift.”