Day 28 – Mary did you know?

It’s December 28th. 2017 is four days away. Resolutions will be made and broken. Gym membership will skyrocket the first month of 2017. It’s the circle of life. One year ends and another begins.

If you are still following along with me in the book, “Through Their Eyes” we are in the stable with Mary and Joseph. The first worshippers had just come caroling. Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus, had just received their first visitors after the birth. The shepherds had come and brought the only gift required. They brought their worship. The visit didn’t last long because the sheep in the pasture needed tending, but they stayed long enough to make an impression on Mary. She took every word spoken, every action taken, and every knee bowed, and she stored them like a photograph inside her heart. She was passionate about not letting a single moment escape from her memory. Decades later as she would recount these events for Dr Luke, she would weave these stories enthusiastically into a dramatic story that would impress him to record it into written words.

Mary preserved these events with great care into her memory. Her heart would not let her forget even one moment of this fantastical journey she was on. The day Dr. Luke interviewed her Mary allowed her treasury of events to come pouring out with great enthusiasm.

Over 2000 years have passed since that blessed event, but even now we reread Mary’s words and thoughts. Her story inspired the Gaither’s to write a song about it. “Mary did you know?” Did you know this baby boy was heaven’s only Son? Mary did you know that this baby boy would one day walk on water?

2016 is about to pass. What did God do in your life this past year that you can treasure in your heart? What story can you tell to someone about the greatness of our God?

2017 is almost upon us. What are you going to do in the coming new year to treasure Jesus in your heart? What steps can you take to become even more enthusiastic about Jesus?